A Fun Activity and a Meditation

Summer is on the way out, and kids are back in school. The weather, however, still calls for ice cream. So, here is a fun way to make some homemade ice cream and keep the kids busy at the same time. Adult supervision is required. The title of the recipe tells all – it is called “Kick the Can Ice Cream.”

Items you will need for the recipe:

1-lb. coffee can with lid
3-lb. coffee can with lid
2 quarts whole milk
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 package instant pudding mix (4 oz.)
1 cup sugar
3 cups rock salt
10 lbs. ice

Mix pudding with milk. Add sugar and the sweetened condensed milk. Stir the mixture well. The mixture makes 3 quarts, which will fill three 1-pound coffee cans. You can choose to just do one can at a time or do all three at once. (You will then need three small and three large cans with lids.) Put mixture in small can or cans. Place lid on small can and seal tightly with duct tape. Place the small can inside large can. Pack the ice and rock salt (layered) in between the cans. Put the lid on the large can and duct tape it tightly. The kids can take turns kicking the large can around. You might choose a driveway to do the kicking – just in case the tape fails. It will take good kicking around for about 15 minutes or more. Place can right side up, remove lid carefully to test for texture. Ice cream will be like soft serve.

While the kids are kicking the can, here are a few words to meditate upon. These “wise words” have been attributed to Gandhi, but are actually from a sermon preached at Westminster Abby by the Rev. Fredrick Louis Donaldson in 1925. Gandhi said he got the words from a “friend” and reprinted them in a magazine later in 1925. They are indeed wise words for our current political season, and if applied, would have great consequences for the health of our environment. These wise words are “The Seven Deadly Social Sins”:

Politics Without Principle
Wealth Without Work
Commerce Without Morality
Pleasure Without Conscience
Education Without Character
Science Without Humanity
Worship Without Sacrifice

Gandhi’s grandson has added another to the list: Rights Without Responsibilities.
To help in your meditation, you might go to the following websites: www.gandhiinstitute.org; www.goodreads.com/quotes/32234-the-seven-social-sins. Gandhi used these wise words in many of his writings and teachings. Perhaps, this is why he is often thought to be the author.

“Caring for the environment – it’s a Christian thing to do!”