A Poem for Your Meditation Time

Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team (TEST) may lead the charge in environmental actions at Trinity, but our goal is to engage everyone in our parish family in the process of growing into becoming good Earth stewards. We truly believe that it is a civic, moral, and religious duty of everyone to do all they can to preserve God’s gift of the earth to us — to learn how to live in sustainable ways so that we can pass on a healthy “home planet” to our children and grandchildren. To help each of us to “stretch” beyond recycling, we need to connect the dots between our faith and how we chose to live our daily lives. Nancy Hanson, chair of the Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team, offers us her poem, written a few years ago, as a meditation for such a spiritual grounding. Here is Nancy’s poem (with her permission):

Jesus, Savior of the World

Jesus, Savior of our Souls,
Is Savior of the World – if we,
His erstwhile followers, reflect
His Image in humility;

And if we, thus (as God intends),
Cherish creation: prove that we
Respect all life – not just our own –
As more than mere commodity.

How can God’s Kingdom come on earth
If greed and power and lack of care
Tear down God’s building blocks of life,
Committing chaos everywhere?

How can God’s Will be done for all
If privileged lives, through selfish will,
Take all the best – and leave the rest
With only crumbs, and unfulfilled?

Why should God welcome us to Heaven,
Trust us with gems of heavenly worth,
If we’ve ignored God’s call to tend
Creation’s treasures here on earth?

Jesus, Savior of our Souls,
Is Savior of the World – when we,
His faithful followers, become
His Image of humility!

— By Nancy Hanson, Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team, September 16, 2013

“Caring for the environment – it’s a Christian thing to do!”