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This page is to help keep all informed of latest changes due to the Coronavirus challenges.

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Sunday 10:30 a.m. – Morning Prayer

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Sunday Noon – Music Concert

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Wednesday 7 p.m. – Evening Prayer

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Trinity Youth Group Meetings

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Outreach Ministries

Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry

TIFP was one of the 25 Douglas County agencies working to alleviate hunger who held a ZOOM meeting on March 26th. The changes that TIFP has made in our serving procedures puts us in conformity with community wide practices.

Here is how TIFP currently operates:

Volunteers give food to patrons: Safety and social distancing procedures have been set up for patrons and volunteers. Patrons wait in line in 6-foot intervals from each other on the sidewalk next to the parking lot, which is pre-marked with red tapes. Patrons pick up their food and leave. The only data being kept is for the number of people who are served during each opening.

Volunteers place one bag of groceries and one bag of cold food on a small table on the sidewalk at the area next to the parking lot. Volunteers wait at a substantial distance from the table for patrons at another small table outside the door of the Matthews Center. After the patron leaves, a volunteer resupplies the empty table with another set of two bags of food, before another patron walks to the small table.

Volunteers pre-bag groceries in the pantry: All volunteers use hand sanitizer, paper towels and gloves that are available in the pantry at the beginning and end of their session. There is a standard list of food for each bag of food to be prepared. Volunteers in the pantry and the fridge room pre-bag food so that to reduce waiting-in-line time. All bags used – paper and plastic – are new. No recycled bags can be accepted.

TIFP volunteers close the food pantry at the day’s closing times: Volunteers sanitize tables and return them inside the pantry. About 25 bags of food are always prepared for the next day’s opening. Volunteers complete personal hand sanitation and dispose of towels and gloves before they leave the pantry.

The Monthly Harvesters food distribution will be held at First Baptist Church this Saturday, March 28, with volunteers from TIFP, churches and the community.

Send monetary contributions (bank check) that have noted in the check’s memo line: TIFP Food

Trinity Episcopal Church

1027 Vermont Street

Lawrence, KS 66044

Or you may make a donation using the Donation button below.


BackSnack – Procedures under review
On March 19, BackSnack volunteers adapted its program to meet the changing needs of Lawrence students by handing out backs of BackSnack treats to those who could stop by the parking lot of Trinity Episcopal. Approximately 200 food packs were delivered to 55 students from about 23 families. This was well short of the normal 400 students we usually serve. We were very pleased with the effort our volunteer team put forth. At this time, however, we realized that this service delivery method did not work as well as projected. We will be continuing to work with Harvesters and the school district to find ways to feed hungry kids in Lawrence and will keep you posted in “The Corner

You may make a monetary donation by using the Donation button below or by mailing a check..

L.I.N.K.  –

Our March 17 is covered for food donations and volunteers.  May 19 is the next date Trinity and St Margaret’s are helping.

From the LINK page

Friends of LINK, we have had a lot of questions around LINK serving due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  We will continue to serve meals with some added protections to keep us all safe during this time. We are asking our serving groups to be diligent with hand washing, and that they are wearing the gloves we provide. We have removed communal items such as salt and pepper shakers, etc.) We will be serving all food and will not have guests pick up anything out of a bowl, or dish. All food will be served by a gloved individual.

We are going to continue to stay open at this time.  If you would like to help us in case we have groups choose not to serve, we would love to have a backup plan to use grocery and restaurant gift cards.  This will help us have a large stockpile of casseroles!  You can drop food items at LINK on Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun.  If you would rather not drop off a gift card you can mail them to us at the First Christian Church address. If groups have questions please contact Wendi Meisenheimer 785-331-9567