Week of November 11, 2018

At our last Adult Forum, I asked the participants to rate the strength of the various ministry relationships that Trinity has into three categories: strong, could be better, or needs help. I intentionally didn’t limit the scope of their answers; they could be institutions, groups, etc. Their answers obviously reflected their own perspective, and not everyone agreed on the strength of certain relationships, but the answers were so interesting to me that I wanted to share them with all of you.

• Habitat for Humanity
• Other Lawrence Churches
• CROP Walk
• Refugee Ministries
• Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry
• Lawrence Ecology Teams United in Sustainability (LET-US)
• Immigration to Kansas

Could Be Better:
• Habitat for Humanity
• New York Elementary Chess Club BackSnack (reading partners)
• Foster parents
• Potluck suppers (could invite newcomers)
• First Christian Church
• High-school-aged teenagers
• Interfaith Power and Light
• Justice Matters
• Royal Society for Church Music
• United Thank Offering
• Local Episcopal Church in Douglas County, Topeka, and KC
• Local colleges and universities

Needs More:
• Boys and Girls Club
• Just Food
• Girl/Boy Scouts
• Humane Society
• Follow up with newcomers and visitors
• Membership: Justice Matters
• Salvation Army
• Library
• Parishioners who have an unexpected emergency (illness, death in family)
• Habitat for Humanity
• Homeless shelter
• Haskell Indian University
• Homebound parishioners
• Mental health facilities
• Stores in our neighborhood
• Lawrence Humane Society/animal shelter
• Penn House
• Salvation Army
• Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets(CRSIS)
• Prisons
• “Speakers” sharing of information of all kinds: poets, artists, music, science, spiritual concerns
• Justice Matters
• Relationships with other neighborhood churches
• Episcopal Colleges and Universities
• Interfaith Communities/Jewish & Islamic communities

What do you think? What would your answers have been? I’d like to know, so feel free to comment on Trinity’s Facebook page or email me at rb@trinitylawrence.org.