To Love Is a Choice

By the Rev. Canon Lance Ousley

Stewardship involves a series of choices every day. We all have people and things that have been entrusted to our care. How we choose to care for them is how we practice good stewardship or poor stewardship.

In our hearts we are challenged to be stewards of the love of Christ that has been entrusted to us. Jesus shows us what it ultimately looks like to love God’s children, for he chose to love them over all things by laying down his life for them. We have been chosen by Jesus to be stewards of his love so that others may know the unconditional love of God.

Jesus has told us that we show our love of God by loving the way he loves, forsaking the choices posed by the culture of our world through its many gods that merely want us to appease their (and our) selfish desires. But we have to make the choice for ourselves – to steward Jesus’ love to all God’s children – over the choices offered by our culture.
Just as Jesus lays down his life for us, he chooses us to lay down our worldly lives for all God’s children. We have been chosen by God, not to reveal our own salvation, but to reveal the salvation of the whole world.