Ways to Donate



There are many different ways to make financial contributions to Trinity Episcopal Church. In addition to dropping your cash or check into the offering plate during a church service, we offer the following options for making a financial contribution to Trinity.

• Mail or bring a check to the church office, 1027 Vermont Street, 66044. The most reliable times for the office to be open are between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm each weekday.

• Online donations can be made through the blue “Make A Donation” button on the church’s web page, www.trinitylawrence.org. Clicking on the button connects you to Vanco, the company that processes our online donations. Once you register (it’s easy!) you can schedule one-time or recurring donations that will be charged to your debit or credit card, or transferred directly from your bank account to Trinity. You can designate donations to Trinity’s operating fund (“General Fund”) or to the Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry. Donations can be made on a one-time basis, or as a recurring payment.

• Download the “GivePlus Church” app to make donations from your smart phone. This takes you to the same Vanco process that’s on the church’s web page, and offers all the same features. Once you’re in the app, search for the church by name or Zip code, or use the “Find churches near me” option.

• You may wish to designate Trinity as the recipient of income generated by your Dillon’s Plus card. Please go to Dillon’s website to direct your Plus card income to Trinity.

• You may wish to use appreciated holdings of publicly traded securities to make a donation to Trinity. (Please consult your financial or tax advisor regarding this option.) To make a donation of publicly traded securities, please contact the church’s Treasurer, Liz Miller, at ebamill@gmail.com or the Finance Assistant, Vickie Randel, at finance@trinitylawrence.org. We will be happy to work with you to facilitate your gift of securities. (Additional details about this option can be found on the church’s web site through the “Resources” tab, under “Finances”, then” Donations of Publicly Traded Securities”.)

• You may be eligible to make a donation directly from your traditional or Roth IRA. (Please consult your financial or tax advisor regarding this option.) Please contact your fund’s administrator to arrange this type of donation.

• Subject to prior review and approval by the Vestry, gifts of real estate, vehicles, life insurance policies, or other tangible personal property may be acceptable donations. Please contact the church Treasurer for more information if you are considering such a gift.

• Please remember that you can also designate gifts from your estate to benefit Trinity. Please consult your estate planning attorney or tax advisor for advice on naming Trinity as a beneficiary of your estate. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF TRINITY!!!