Week of April 14, 2019

A weeklong anamnesis.  That sounds like a medical problem, but it actually what Holy Week aspires to be.  “Anamnesis” is the portion of the Eucharist in which we remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples.  It typically starts with something like “On the night Jesus was betrayed, he took bread…”

We engage in that story every Sunday not just because Jesus told us to (“in remembrance of me”) but also in the retelling of that story it is as if we are accessing a genetic memory of past Christians celebrating the Eucharist down through the centuries to the first dozen or so present that night.  We become guests of the meal, invited to take and eat.

By greater extension, Holy Week invites us also to remember the context of that event, from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, his last meal, betrayal, crucifixion, and the discovery of the empty tomb.  By engaging in these worshipful acts, we go beyond recollecting an event to witnessing it again on a profoundly spiritual level.

So welcome to a journey in time, a journey across ancient Jerusalem, and a journey from life to death to eternal life.  Join us at Trinity for Holy Week.