Week of April 21, 2019

I stepped outside this week in short sleeves, expecting the warm sun of the days prior, only to be blasted by a gust of brisk, cold air. I nervously checked my phone to see what the weather was to be for Easter Sunday, mindful of the fact that we have had snow on Easter the last two years, and was relieved to see that it would be back up to 80 again.

As I mentioned in my sermon at Brandon Woods, the word “Lent” means “Spring,” and Springtime in Kansas can be a kaleidoscope of meteorology: sun followed by hail followed by rain followed by sun yet again. Which is often how the process of repentance and reconciliation feels—not a linear process or a smooth path but a roller coaster of experiences, emotions, and spiritual growth. We have good days and bad days, successes and setbacks.

But eventually we get to Easter. Always and inexorably. Just as always the weather settles down into late Spring and early Summer. Our hope in this life of faith, the promise of the resurrection and the grace and love of God, is that if you were someone map out those experiences on a chart and look at the average path, the line goes up. That’s not to say our situation in life improves or good things start happening in our day to day experiences, but God is constantly working in your life to draw you closer. The renewal of the resurrection of our Lord is not just reserved for when life ends, but it is a process that is at work in your life today.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday (and hopefully Thursday, Friday, and Saturday beforehand) with the promise of good weather and good things to come.


Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+