Week of April 7, 2019

I have two things I want to share with the congregation, one regarding a recent break-in and another regarding my new policy regarding announcements.
First, our Junior Warden made an announcement at the 10:30 AM service two Sundays ago that Trinity had experienced another break-in on March 11. The intruders entered the church proper, rummaged through the tabernacle, and entered the rest of the church building where they engaged in vandalism, most notably flooding a portion of the lower level and damaging a lock on a cabinet in the flower room. We filed a police report, contacted our insurance agent, and repaired most of the damage. Currently we are unsure how they got in (e.g. an unlocked door, etc.) but the Vestry is discussing options for increasing the security measures in the church, including mounting cameras throughout the building. Your safety and the security of the church property is very important to us, and the Vestry will be sharing their plans shortly.
Second, I am temporarily suspending announcements following the passing of the peace during the Sunday services. This is not in reaction to a specific event, but rather in recognition that the announcements have grown to almost twenty minutes a Sunday, and are becoming a significant break in the flow of the worship experience. I will be making a brief greeting to visitors each Sunday, encouraging those that do not already receive an electronic version to pick up a copy of the newsletter , and doing the blessings for birthdays and anniversaries. If you have an event or program you would like shared with the congregation, please send those to the office email: office@trinitylawrence.org so we can share it in our newsletter, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.
Since this is the first week and this may catch some people off guard, I would ask that this week you let me know prior to the service that you would like me to make an announcement for you, and we will go to the newsletter-only format following.
Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+