Week of August 2


The following is a poem from a Booklet entitled, “The Te Deums d the Sacraments”, written by John Oxenham.  One can almost feel the refreshing spray of water in the musical words.  We must give God praise for our water and do all we can to protect this precious resource.

 Crystal clear from the throne of God

  Flows the River, the Shining River.

   Forever full forever free,

    It floweth everlastingly.

    Through the banks of Time to the Boundless Sea

    Of love indwelling Eternity.

    Praise to God in running water,

    Crystal clear its joyous cheer,

    Dreaming dancing running water;

     Amber-bright all slashed with white,

     Sweet romancing running water;

      Give God praise for all fair water!

      His sweet grace is running water


                                                                  God’s sweet grace is running water.

                                                                  All fair sparkling running water—

                                                                   Bubbling spring from rock or sod,

                                                                    Godly thing, —the gift of God!

                                                                     Bubbling praises as it flows,

                                                                     Gathering graces as it grows,

                                                                      Scattering joys where’er it goes;

                                                                      Praise to God in running water!


                 Blithely o’re its shallows purling,

                 Lithely through its narrows swirling,

                 Round its mossy boulders curling,

                 Glooming, gleaming, spooming, creaming,

                 With new life so richly teeming

                 For the thirsty earth’s redeeming;

                  Give God praise for running water,

                  For all fair, fresh running water.

EARTH STEWARD ACTION:  Do all you can to conserve water—fix leaks, drip irrigate, use native plants, turn off faucets when shaving & brushing teeth, do not run water to cool, use tap not bottled water, do not litter, recycle and know about your watershed.

SOURCE: Noted above.