Week of December 1, 2019

As the nation gathers together for a communal expression of Thanksgiving, I would like to just celebrate the fact that God calls us to gratitude every day of our lives, should we choose to listen. I believe that gratitude is the cornerstone of Christian spirituality and discipleship, especially in the way that it helps us avoid sin.
It prevents IDOLATRY and PRIDE because it reminds us that good things come from God, not from outside sources or ourselves.
It prevents GREED, GLUTTONY, ENVY, and LUST because it helps us recognize that so often we have enough, and not seek to find comfort in the pointless pursuit of more.
It prevents SLOTH by inspiring us to do good, follow the way of love, and be a force for change in the world.
And finally it prevents WRATH my blessing us with the peace that comes from contentment and a closer relationship with God.
So as you gather together, whether in Church or the family table this week, embrace all that a disciple of gratitude has to offer you, not just in the holiday season, but year round.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+