Week of December 13, 2020

As we get a clearer sense of the timeline of the pandemic and how long things like social distancing and the lack of in-person worship will continue, it has become apparent that we need to be increasingly intentional about staying connected with our members. In particular we need to be seeking out those members whose participation in our online community is limited.
With that in mind, I am creating an off-shoot of our Pastoral Care Team called “Super Connectors.” Normally the Pastoral Care Team ministers to those who are sick, hospitalized, or unable to travel outside of their home. The Super Connectors will reach out to all members of the parish to check in, pass along pastoral care needs to the clergy, and provide some spiritual and personal contact.
This will not replace the efforts of the clergy here to regularly connect with parishioners, but will enhance them, and as such I am looking for friendly, outgoing members who are good listeners and communicators and can commit to just a few minutes each week making phone calls. Each Super Connector will have a small number of people they are responsible for calling, so hopefully over time relationships can grow and develop.
If this sounds like a ministry that is calling to you, please contact me at rb@trinitylawrence.org and become part of the glue that helps hold this community together.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+