Week of December 2, 2018

“Love your neighbor(hood)” is the theme I am introducing this Advent at Trinity Church. It is a term I picked up from the Rev. Cathleen Bascom, bishop-elect of the Diocese of Kansas. For me, it is a reminder that one of the two greatest commandments identified by Jesus has a local context.

As we begin another year in the Christian calendar, I am challenging all of us to identify the local context in which we are loving others in Lawrence, Kansas (and beyond). We are doing specific events in Advent, such as our shopping trip to support children in the CASA program, and our Adult Forum speaker series focusing on prison reform. That is in addition to our traditional programs like the Posada and our Advent Fun Day.

Our long-term goal is to strengthen Trinity’s ties to ministries, institutions, and groups within the greater Lawrence community. By being more visibly present we remind not only others about what a great church we are, but also remind ourselves about our call to discipleship.