Week of December 22, 2019

TEST Tidbits: Presiding Bishop’s Christmas Message 
This year’s Christmas message from our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry is especially moving and is so relevant to the times in which we live. You may see, hear and read what he has to say at https://www.episcopalnewsservice.org/category/latest-news or by going to https://youtube.com/watch?=0OQk223PYGY. While at the YouTube site, you may also listen to a very moving sermon he preached in the Washington Cathedral.
The presiding bishop reminds us that Jesus, His teachings, messages, spirit and example point us to a way of life where we care for one another, care for God’s earth and are in a loving relationship with each other and with our God. This love is pure light that shines into the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. This is truly “Good News” in our troubled and dark times. This way of love – way of light – beckons us to follow it as our way of life.
Please spend a few minutes listening to the presiding bishop’s Christmas Message. Of special interest to earth stewards is the Episcopal News Service report on the work of Episcopal delegates to COP 25. Https://www.episcopalnewsservice.org/2019/12/17/dispite-dissapointing. These delegates are truly examples of bringing God’s light to the issues facing the leaders of the world.