Week of February 14, 2021


The following litany, written by Trinity Environmental Stewardship Team chairperson, Nancy Hanson, in 2016, is so appropriate at this time of unease.  We are all struggling with the ongoing pandemic’s restrictions on our lives.  We are grieving the loss of friends and family and of those unknown to us.  We grieve not hugging our grandkids and meeting with others around a dinner table.  We are impatiently awaiting our vaccinations, unemployment checks, health access reform, an end to racial bias and the ending of the political divisions that plague us.  Once again, we are looking for comfort, fortification and guidance from God to help us for our journey through these times.  Sometimes, in our distress, we forget that our mighty God is there for us and with us always.  We only need to reach out in prayer. Below is Nancy’s heartfelt litany:

                                                 LITANY FOR DISTURBING TIMES

                                 Radically, loving, omnipresent God:

                                 Through the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus,

                                       You have taught us to trust in the triumph of your love over all evil,

                                         Even over death.

                                    Make your presence known to us, we pray,

                                           In our times of disappointment, doubt, and grief;

                                                our times of failure, frustration, and fear.

                                   COMFORT, FORTIFY, AND GUIDE US, LORD, WE PRAY.     

                                   By your Spirit, lead us,

                                                To patience, wisdom, and hope.

                                     Instill in us kindness, forbearance, and humility,

                                                   That we may hear your voice, perceive your truth,

                                                    And walk in your way.

                                COMFORT, FORTIFY AND GUIDE US, LORD, WE PRAY                           

                                 Deliver us from the evils of ignorance and prejudice;

                                                     of greed, narcissism, self-righteousness, meanness of spirit,

                                                      And all un-charitableness.

                                   COMFORT, FORTIFY, AND GUIDE US, LORD, WE PRAY

                                       Give us strength to stand with courage for justice, fairness truth,

                                                          Mercy and righteousness

                                          That your love may prevail in all our ways and in all things and 

                                                           All your people, creatures, and creation may rejoice in

                                                           The unity and everlasting presence of your Kingdom.

                                       TRUSTING IN YOUR GOODNESS, WE PRAY TO YOU, MOST GRACIOUS

                                        GOD——FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT.



EARTH STEWARD ACTION:  Please pray for our nation as we go about the job of bringing God’s Kingdom to a hurting world.