Week of January 19, 2020

These are indeed disturbing times on many levels.  At the time of the writing of this article, the Articles of Impeachment are being delivered to the Senate where the trial of our president will take place soon.  People are upset, restless and on edge. Across the world in Australia—the whole country is burning. It is estimated that they have lost ½ a billion animals. At least 8.000 Koalas have died and there are horrific pictures and live videos of the screams of dying animals.  Whole ecosystems have been affected from birds to insects. The smoke has even blackened glaciers in New Zealand. These blacked glaciers (if the stain persists) could hasten overall melting, as more of the sun’s heat is absorbed. In our country, the border wall building process continues on our southern border and is now threatening to connect separated segments into a long consanguineous wall that will separate animals in the Lower Rio Grande National wildlife Refuge from the river.
It will essentially destroy 40 years of work to protect the unique ecosystems in this Refuge. These are just two environmental stories out of thousands occurring today. All these issues drive us to prayer. Printed below is a prayer that was written by our Environmental Stewardship Team Leader, Nancy Hanson that fits these days.
Radically loving, omnipresent God:  Through the life, death and resurrection of our savior Jesus, you have taught us to trust in the triumph of your love over all evil, even death.  Make your presence known to us, we pray, in times of disappointment, doubt, and grief; our times of failure, frustration and fear.
       Comfort, Fortify, and Guide us, Lord, we pray.
By your Spirit, lead us to patience, wisdom, and hope; Instill in us kindness, forbearance, and humility, that we may hear your voice, perceive your truth, and walk in your way.
        Comfort, Fortify, and Guide us, Lord, we pray.
Deliver us from the evils of ignorance and prejudice; of greed, narcissism, self-righteousness, meanness of spirit, and all uncharitableness.
         Comfort, Fortify, and guide us, Lord, we pray.
Give us strength to stand with courage for justice, fairness, truth, mercy, and righteousness; that your love may prevail in all ways and in all things and all your people, creatures, and creation may rejoice in the unity and everlasting presence of your kingdom.
Trusting in your goodness, we pray to you, most gracious God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.    Amen,
Earth Steward Action:  Pray for our nation and our environment.