Week of January 5, 2020

Some of you may have seen on Facebook that on New Year’s Eve I took an accidental fall down a stair and badly sprained my ankle. I wasn’t skating or anything exciting like that; I can’t even say I was partying for the holiday–I had just finished Chinese takeout and was heading downstairs to watch television. In any case, if you see me hobbling around, that’s the reason.
One of things I do (when I don’t breaking parts of me) is engage in the daily discipline of journaling. I usually write up the various headings, etc. in the journal weeks in advance and a week or two ago I was prepping for 2020 by making a page in the journal for jotting down New Year’s resolutions. Except that as I was writing the heading in the journal I was briefly distracted and wrote “2020 Solutions” instead.
This turns out to be the kind of unexpected blessing that crosses our paths from time to time. Rather than think about all these different geas I could place upon myself, instead I asked myself, “what are the solutions I am looking for in the upcoming year?” And, as I posed each one, I asked, “and how is God part of that solution?”
Because, for each issue, each challenge, each problem, God can and should be part of the solution, whatever it may be. Perhaps it is God’s strength, or wisdom, or endurance that will be needed. Perhaps you just need to know that someone has the answers to questions that you can not conceive. But whatever it is that you might be seeking to solve, it’s a good resolution to get God be part of the solution.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+