Week of January 6, 2019

There’s a term for a period of time like this: liminal. It means to be barely perceptible, or just bridging a threshold. You might be more familiar with a more complex form of the word, “subliminal,” which means just below a noticeable threshold.

Trinity is right now in a transition, about which only God is truly knowing and understanding. Our staff situation, regardless of outcome, is going to change with the departure of our office administrator, Sheryl Poole. I’m happy for her new job in Overland Park, but I miss her steady presence and wry sense of humor. Change is difficult, unnerving, and often messy. In the next few weeks you will probably notice some changes, things missing, or new things appearing. Some of these changes are just part of the transition, others will be permanent.

During this time I ask for patience, compassion, and understanding. I also want to hear what you are experiencing both as a member and as a fellow disciple of Christ. I may be able to respond to your input, or I may just have to listen sympathetically and continue to try to help navigate us through this as best as possible.

What is unchanging and constant is the love of Jesus Christ, who continues to empower and inspire our ministry and will ultimately call us to our life of ministry in 2019. My thanks for your continual prayers for this parish and your faithful support.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob