Week of July 12, 2020

Hi everyone! Things are good here in Nepal, but we have been in lockdown for over 100 days so we are having to be creative in the ways that we are working, since we still can’t leave the house except to run errands. That makes planning for the future tricky, but not impossible. We know that eventually the programs will be able to continue in some capacity. Schools will reopen, children will still need scholarships, girls will still need sanitary pads, women will still need income, etc… In an effort to keep things creative and active, at the request of TEAM, i am piloting a new fundraising platform called DonorSee and I need your help! Just a note- this is NOT meant to replace your giving through TEAM, but is instead meant to augment my fundraising and to give me access to donors that I may not currently be connected to. It also allows for a shareable platform that I can post on social media without being as much of a security risk as posting my TEAM giving link. You can also share with your friends! It doesn’t mention my affiliation- just the programs and projects that I am hoping to fund. Each project is small (usually under $500) and hopefully meaningful. I would really appreciate it if you would help me out by visiting my profile here https://donorsee.com/WomenAtRiskNepal and doing a couple of things. First, “follow me.” Then please consider donating $5 or more toward any project. Then, when that project has been fully funded, you will be notified and you can leave a review for me. This will help boost up the trustworthiness of my profile, which encourages others (especially those that don’t know me) to give as well. I usually have 3 projects going at once. Right now I have 2 scholarships and some sanitary pads that need funding. Take a look! There are also options to set up monthly giving, etc… but I would prefer you to give regularly through the TEAM website if you want to do that, since I get a larger percentage of the donations given through T (To give a one-time donation through TEAM or to set up recurring gifts, you can use this link: https://team.org/additem?v2glid=262006)  Thank you in advance!!  Karin