Week of July 4, 2019


Last week’s Tidbits covered part one of the Declaration of Interdependence that listed some common points most acknowledge as true statements.  The second part combines these knowledge points with the beliefs of those interested in creation care. The declaration ends with a renewed resolution that emphasizes interdependence.  This declaration was presented 27 years ago at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. David Suzuki and members of his foundation are the authors. Below is listing of beliefs:

We believe that humans have become so numerous and our tools so powerful that we have driven fellow creatures to extinction, dammed rivers, poisoned soil, rain, and wind.  We have ripped holes in the sky (ozone hole). Our science has brought joy as well as pain; our comfort paid for by the suffering of millions. We are learning from our mistakes, mourning our vanished kin, and are now building a new politics of hope.  We respect and uphold the absolute need for clean air, water and soil. We see that economic activities benefiting the few, while shrinking the inheritance of many, are wrong. Since environmental degradation erodes biological capital forever, full ecological and social costs must enter all equations of development.  We are one brief generation in the long march of time— the future is not ours to erase. So where our knowledge is limited, we will remember all who follow us and err on the side of caution (in our actions and policies.) Therefore, taking into consideration all we know and believe, we recognize we are at a turning point in our relationship with the Earth.  We must work for an evolution from dominance to partnership; from fragmentation to connection; from insecurity to interdependence.

EARTH STEWARD ACTION:  Use the information in this declaration to write to your elected officials.  This information may be useful in preparing for voting (local, state and national levels).

SOURCE: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/about/declaration-of-interdependence