Week of November 3, 2019


The following is a prayer by Jennie Frost Buttler.  It is from the book entitled, “Earth Prayers from around the world “edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon.  It asks the reader to consider the entire creation when we are in prayer for our human friends and neighbors.  As one example, we grieve for the people who are living through the terrible fires in California, but are also called to also offer prayers for the loss of life and habitat for God’s natural creatures.  The health of our planet is necessary for our own existence.

May we heed the messages found in this poem and live in harmony with our environment. 


                Infinite Spirit, when I pray each day for the shelter for the homeless,

                Let me not ignore the pet without a home;


                As I ask protection for those in areas of turmoil and unrest, 

                Let me not forget endangered species of life;


                When I pray that the hungry be fed, led me be mindful

                That all God’s creatures have need of sustenance;


                As I ask Divine assistance for those afflicted by fire,

                Flood, earthquake, storm or drought,

                Let me remember that this includes every living thing;


                 In seeking miracle cures for human disease,

                 May I also seek for the well being of the planet itself.


                  Let the words of my mouth,

                  The meditations of my heart

                  And the actions of my life be as one.

                  That I may live each day in harmony 

                  With Mother Earth.    Amen.