Week of October 13, 2019

Very soon I will be attending a high school reunion. Not my own, but that of my wife Mandy in her hometown of New Braunfels, Texas. I’m excited about going, not just because it is a mini-vacation and I get to see firsthand some of my wife’s history, but also because I am going to be going to a strange place full of complete strangers, having been invited to do so by a friend.
In short, what (from an emotional standpoint) likely every visitor to Trinity experiences. While the goal of a reunion is not to welcome in new members in hopes that they find a loving home to which they shall return, it is good to be reminded what that sense of fear, alienation, and confusion is like. For me, Trinity is home; I know the names of most of the members, where the bathrooms are, and the little quirks that are unique to this church. I could probably walk from the parking lot to the sanctuary blindfolded. That level of familiarity makes us oblivious to the ways in which we fail to accommodate the stranger, to welcome in people who don’t know anyone, and make plain the subtleties of our life together.
I’ll look forward to sharing my insights when I return, and appreciate the reminder that we always need to remember what it was like the first time we came to this place we call home.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+