Week of September 15, 2019


We should all be very proud of our Episcopal Church and the work it does on every level.  Just take a look at Trinity’s outreach activities in our annual report. (A list here would be sure to leave someone out—but we do a lot of good things).  Episcopalians also do a lot on the diocesan level—and will be doing even more under our new environmentally minded Bishop Cathleen Bascom’s leadership. Did you know that our Diocese of Kansas has more than 10,000 members in 44 different congregations?  At the national level The Episcopal church has a community of 2 million members in 111 dioceses in 17 countries in the Americas an abroad. Our Presiding Bishop is The Most Reverend Michael Curry. When all of these different levels work together on problem solving, actions and advocacy, they carry a lot of advocacy power and influence.  One of the national level organizations that are continually informing all of us is the Episcopal Public Policy Network or the EPNN for short. You may easily access the website by going https://www.episcopalchurch.org/epnn This summer the EPNN had a whole series of short articles and action or advocacy steps on the subject of creation care. The information is always well balanced and thoughtful and encouraging readers to seek God’s will in helping to discuss and advocate for just public policies.  They recently posted a video of Presiding Bishop Curry interviewing bishops from areas surrounding the US southern border and the wider problem of immigration and the need for serious discussions on public policy. Please go to the following site– http://.www.episcopalchurch.org/posts/ogr/immigration-updates There is also a very important discussion about the recent rule change set to go into effect on October 15, 2019, if nothing blocks it—that may prevent immigrants from gaining legal status or a green card depending upon the acceptance of help in the form of SNAP, Medicaid, housing voucher’s, etc.  Please find and follow the EPNN as you gather information for actions and advocacy. We are much stronger in a united effort.

EARTH STEWARD ACTION:  Become a faithful reader of the EPPN information and join others in advocacy for better immigration policies that honor both the environment and the dignity of every person whishing to be part of our country.
SOURCES:  Please go to the sites listed above.  Be sure and check out the series on creation care too.