Week of September 29, 2019

Recently we installed a security system in our home. The idea was to be able to tell if anyone ever comes in and out of our house through one of the three doors to the outside. When the door opens or closes, we get a signal to our phone (and by extension, smart watch). In theory, it is a good idea.

In reality, my watch buzzed incessantly because apparently someone is always opening and closing a door: to go to the mailbox, to let a dog out, etc. I had no idea how much traffic there was on any given day in my house. And what was supposed to be a source of comfort became this relentless distraction.

Which got me thinking about how when we seek security in our own life on our own terms, instead of finding comfort and peace, we find ourselves obsessing and becoming constantly distracted by the demands of trying to manage everything that is going on.

And that is just one of the blessings given to us by God, because the really important things, the things that really matter, and most especially the things that all the technology and time and stress can not even begin to get a handle on, those are the things in God’s hands. It is only in God that we find true security, true peace.

(Epilogue: some of you may want to try to reach out and tell me how I don’t always have to get these alerts while my family is at home. Thank you, I figured that out.)

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Rob+