Week of September 29, 2019

The General Assembly of the United Nations has been meeting in New York City this past week.  Part of their agenda was the Climate Summit. This was to be the time that the nations that signed the Paris Accord in 2015 were to showcase achievements toward the 2050 goals.  Only 65 countries announced their efforts—very few meeting their promised steps toward lowering emissions. Some asset fund managers and large companies renewed their pledges, and Germany spoke of a new $60 billion plan for developing clean energy, but the overall tone was subdued.  President Trump and vice President Pence attended very briefly, but made no remarks. Even China, although they said that they remained committed to the goals made in 2015, had nothing new to add to the conversation. It is speculated that their reluctance to become the leaders of climate discussion and action was because of the ongoing trade disputes with the US and the refusal of the US to do what it promised in 2015.  Besides vowing to withdraw the US from the Paris Accord (can’t be done until 2020), the Trump Administration has withdrawn funds from programs that would help the US lower its greenhouse gas emissions. The Trump Administration has also made it a priority to eliminate or reduce regulations (affecting more than 80 of them—see https://nytimes,com>climate>trump-environmental-rollbacks , put into place to reduce emissions or to protect the health of the environment   However, young hero, 16 year old Swedish climate activists, Greta Thunberg, warned world leaders saying, “The eyes of all future generations are upon you”.  “If you choose to fail us, I say, we will never forgive you.” She scolded them for being more interested in money that the health of the planet. Because of her example and call, young people all over the world left school and jobs on Friday, September 20, to speak up for creation care and to draw attention to the need for immediate action to slow global warming.  Can we stand up with Greta and ask our leaders to take the warning signs of Global Warming seriously enough to address the problem? Time will tell. Our actions do count!
EARTH STEWARD ACTION:  Please double your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.  Make voting a priority—look for candidates that understand the climate crisis.