Week of September 8, 2019

Just as a follow-up to last week’s sermon in which I encouraged us as a church to respond to what could be a worsening of the situation in Lawrence for our homeless community, I have reached out to Family Promise (who provides transitional housing for families), Bert Nash’s homeless services department, and the Lawrence Community Shelter regarding what kind of assistance they are specifically looking for.
In addition, I would like to remind all of us that there are other ministries that care for the homeless in our community in which Trinity is also involved, including the LINK and Jubilee Café, which provide meals for the homeless, the Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry, the Willow Domestic Violence Center, and Habitat for Humanity. Trinity provides material, financial, and logistical support for all of these organizations.
So there are lots of ways to get involved, and be involved with your fellow Trinitarians. The Corner often features articles on these ministries and when we serve in the community, or you can visit our website, www.trinitylawrence.org
Thank you for all the work you do serving those in need in the name of Christ..
Fr. Rob+